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Perfectly composed documents

The term "Perfectly composed documents" means that the Prozorro Bidder submits documents with procurement offer that fully comply with all requirements of the Customer's bidding documents. Such documents made in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and 100% meet all the requirements of the Customer. Thus, when considering a proposal, the Customer has no legal grounds for rejecting the "ideal documents" Offeror's proposal with.

Who needs it?

  1. Participants
  • To ensure the guarantee that his proposal will not be rejected due to non-compliance with the requirements of the procurement documentation or the current Ukrainian legislation;
  • When all state procurements pass to the electronic format, there are cases of high competition at the auctions - and it`s good. However, it often happens that the Customer accepts not the cheapest offer, rejecting more favorable. The Customer's argumentation is the inconsistency of the Bidder's proposal with the requirements of the procurement documentation;
  • If your enterprise is preparing for an important tender, then you need to have your documents reviewed by the unaffiliated party with the necessary recommendations on compliance of the procurement proposal with Customer requirements and the current Ukrainian legislation;
  • If person cannot provide a qualitative, reasoned assessment of your procurement proposal;
  • If you don`t have enough experience or doubts, or negative experience in the preparation of procurement proposals.
  1. Customers
  • To ensure success guarantee of the procurement procedure and to prevent the "failure" of trading;
  • To implement the procurement plan or logistics implementation plan etc.;
  • For purchase of specific technical and quality indicators that are necessary for the Customer in accordance with his argument.
  1. Other stakeholders
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