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According to the Ukrainian law, portal is an open resource that offers access to all information from the central database of electronic procurements (from July 31, 2016). Public procurement organizations publish tender bids (and auction participants are bidding) using the e-auction module, for access you need registering…

In order to register in Prozorro you need to select one of the ProZorro accredited ETFs and fill all necessary fields, including the status of the enterprise being registered.

The main, but not the only, document, within Prozorro operates, is the Law of Ukraine “About Public Procurement”.

In order to take any action in auction, including, to take part or even to submit a free question (for the supplier) or, for example, to place a report on the concluded agreement, it is necessary to register with one of the accredited ETM Prozorro. Through registering you need to select the required status of the registered organization. The functionality of the personal office will depends on status.

The e-commerce volume of e-Prozorro is estimated at more than UAH 500 billion.

Public Procurement Participants are suppliers or potential suppliers of goods, works or services in Prozorro Public Procurement Procedures in accordance with the Public Procurement Law, who have decided to participate in electronic procurements.

Customers are government organizations (budget or self-financing) who carries out procurement procedures in the Prozorro electronic system and meet the definition of “Customer” in accordance with the Public Procurement Law.

Depending with the procedure and in the stage of the procurement, the Customer can accept free requests or requirements of the Supplier and not accept, or even at all, not answer. In the case of submitting a paid Complaint, another agency interferes with the procedure of “communication” – the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, who promotes competition and prevents the participant interest’s discrimination. The AMCU’s decision can be either negative or positive, or…

According to the General Law, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine is a state body with a special status, whose intent is provides state protection of competition in entrepreneurial activity and in the field of public procurement.

The most common types of Prozorro e-Procurement are, in particular: pre-purchase, open bidding and open bidding with English publication. Determining the procedure for the conduct and classification of the Procurement is regulated by the Public Procurement Law or other legal acts.

Pre-purchase are purchases that are held electronically. The main differences between pre-purchase and open bidding is a shorter time from the announcement of the purchase till auction. It is believed that pre-purchases are easier than others. However, this is not always true. Pre-term procurement based by the “Procedure for the implementation of Pre-term procurement” (April 13, 2016, No. 35.) It applies if, in the case of the Customer choosing…